Smith Knife Sharpener Review [Our 5 Top Picks]

An efficient and professional electric knife sharpener is an indispensable tool in your kitchen to maintain the sharpness of your knife for its extended life and durability. All you need to have is a powerful electric tool that can sharpen the knife easily without any hassle. A Smith knife sharpener is a reliable tool that can perform a professional quality job without any effort and in the least amount of time.


You will find plenty of other options for sharpening our knife but Smith electric knife Sharpeners are reliable and come in a variety of shapes for both commercial and electric sharpening purposes. You can choose among different materials including steel, ceramics, and diamond according to your need and desire without worry from Smith’s amazing product range. 

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Smith Knife Sharpener Review

Smith electric knife Sharpener is one of the best electric sharpeners which can be used for a range of knives including kitchen knives, fillet knives, and also serrated blades. The adjustable angles and powerful motor makes it a highly versatile sharpener.

We have shared a few products from the Smith line of sharpener which can assist you in your kitchen!


Lets start reviews on Smith Knife Sharpener Reviews…

1. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Knife sharpener Review

Enjoy this portable all-around pocket size lightweight gadget ideal for blade sharpening in no time. Smith knife sharpener Pocket Pal has excellent features and performance at a super affordable price which can sharp even the dull edges with its pre-set carbides.  

Smith’s Knife Sharpener Pocket Pal Features

  • The sleek design and a halyard hole make this sharpener perfectly portable and easy to carry the device.
  • The tapered diamond coated rod is an impressive feature to perform its main task of sharpening ragged blades. Moreover, a V-shaped sharpening slot is ideal for sharpening stones as well. 
  • It can fulfill all your sharpening requirements due to reversible and replaceable ceramic and carbide stones
  • These replaceable stones provide you smooth edge finish first by using a carbide slot and then the ceramic one to enjoy a razor-sharp edge.



2. Smith’s X2 Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener

You can call it a global knife sharpener as it has versatile features and a wide range of accessories. If you want to share the variety of knives you have in your kitchen, do not waste time and go for this Smith Knife Sharpener pocket pal straight. 


Smith’s Electric Sharpener Pocket Pal Features

  • A coarse carbide slot and fine ceramic slot with pre-set angles guarantees excellent results
  • A tapered diamond rod comes with this sharpener is the best choice to sharp ragged blades
  • The sharpener is comprised of some of the outstanding outdoor tools which can become savior if you are out in the woods
  • For outdoor events like camping, hunting or picnic you can use the compass comes with this sharpener
  • Another very exciting and useful feature is a signal whistle which is a helpful tool to communicate distress if you are in distress during an outdoor event. And this is not it, a fire starter also comes with it for lighting spark in such moments
  • For your amusement, a LED light is another exciting feature that comes with this tool.



3. Smith’s TRI-6 Arkansas sharpening stone Review

Optimizing and utilizing one of the oldest methods of sharpening, stone sharpening, Smith provides you a super blade sharpener. It is one of the best options if you want to have a professionally sharp blade. Do not hesitate to try it for your everyday knives as it is safer than sharpeners with diamond and ceramic tools.


  • This efficient sharpening system has two Arkansas stones one with a fine surface and the other with medium and a synthetic coarse surface stone.
  • Another great feature is a rotating molded triangle of plastic for smooth rotation of the stones makes it easy to use.
  • The plastic mold and feet made of non-skid rubber gives you a durable sharpener with all intended safety features
  • This sharpener is really handy as it many practical features one of which is an angle guide which directs to sharp the blade with the correct angle.
  • The sleek design of this sharpener is ideal for sharp small knives as well.
  • If you buy this sharpener do not forget to use the oil that comes with packing to grease the stones.



4. Smith’s 2-step knife sharpener Review

Smith’s 2-step knife sharpener is an amazingly handy and portable tool that makes sharpening super easy and proficient. Many impressive features of this sharpener push you to add it to your favorite sharpener list. 

Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener is also called a fixed angle knife sharpener. The reason for this nickname is that these sharpeners come with present angles ensuring perfect edge in every filleting or cutting.

Fixed Angle Knife Sharpener Features

  • The crossed carbide blades are ideal to get a fine sharp blade edge
  • It is a lightweight portable tool with an added safety feature of non-slip rubber feet which ensure stability during use
  • For razor-sharp side, you can avail of the crossed ceramic rods with pre-set angles 
  • The carbides in this tool can help you to a sharp variety of knives either they are straight or fillet or serrated.
  • And the best part is that it comes with an eyehole which can be tied to a rope to keep track of sharpener where ever you go.



5. Smith’s knife and scissor sharpener Review Model- JIFFS

If you don’t like to waste your time and want to get back to work quickly you need a fast sharpener for your knife. And if speed is your choice then this fast Smith’s sharpener with multiple features and excellent safety is a great option.

Smith’s Knife and Scissor Sharpener Features

  • The sharpener offer versatility of sharpening both knives and scissors due to its reversible and replaceable carbide blades
  • It has coarse and abrasive carbides and a fine one made of ceramic which is an outstanding feature to offer for a smooth blade finish 
  • It works great for all kinds of blades even for right as well as left-handed scissors
  • A scissor sharpener is present in the handle
  • A pre-set angle in a tool is present for professional results.



Smith Knife Sharpener Angle

An important part while sharpening a knife is to select the proper sharpening angle. This can be done with help of the SMITH KNIFE SHARPENING ANGLE GUIDE. You can see the yellow color guide in the picture which can assist you in sharpening your next fillet or kitchen knife. 


Idea is to put this yellow guide at the end of the sharpening system and then glide your knife on this guide for sharpening. This guide will help you to adjust your angle for sharpening. Once you are comfortable, you can perform the sharpening process without this yellow guide. 

angle guide for smith knife sharpener

Smith Knife Sharpener Benefits

1 # Broad Product line

When you go for Smith electric knife sharpener you may forget your way in a wide product line with excellent features for ultimate performance. They offer to start from the simplest to complex tools to get the job done and you can pick one with the best fit for your blade.

Learn in Video below! Why Smith Electric Knife are the best knife sharpener and how to use them…

2 # Multifunction

The other striking feature of almost all Smith Knife Sharpeners is the multifunctional design. You can buy a single sharpener for a variety of blades you have and enjoy all in one efficient sharpening tool. 

3 # Size

The Smith Electric Belt Knife Sharpeners are handy as all of them come in ideal size and portable requiring low storage space. The amazing thing is that these tiny sharpeners are as good as the huge ones and you don’t need to worry about the compromise of performance due to the small size. An eyehole in most of these sharpeners makes it easy to carry anywhere with traceability.

4 # Sharpening material

If you have a preference for sharpening material, you can look up Smith knife sharpeners as they come in a variety of sharpening materials. They have got diamond sharpeners, coarse and fine carbide sharpeners, and even stones for sharpening so you can choose your preferred material. Just go and match the right material for the variety of blades you have as you can find multiple sharpening materials in a single sharpener as well.

Smith knife sharpener coarse vs fine

The sharpening process is carried in two steps. In the first stage, a Coarse sharpener is used for swift removal of metal. The coarse sharpener will have a size in the range of 325 grit. 


The fineness of abrasive material is determined in terms of grit size. The higher the grit size, the finner the abrasive or sharpening material is. With a grit size lower than 400 i.e. 325 grit size, the smith knife sharpener has a rough and coarse appearance. It is suitable for quick restoration of dull edges. 


Smith fine sharpener in comparison to coarse sharpener has higher grit size i.e. 735 grit size. This large number indicates the surface of the sharpener is fine and it is suitable to make your edge extra sharp. 

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