Best Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Review

Introduction on Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews

If you own quality knives, you want to make sure that they are sharpened correctly and that the sharpener used will not cause irreversible damage to your blade. Here, we have shared the most popular and Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Review to help you save money on damaged knives. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap knife sharpeners on the market which are advertised in such a way that may lead you to think they are safe for your knives. The truth is completely different. Using a couple of dollar sharpeners can ultimately cost you hundreds of dollars in damaged quality knives. Fortunately, there are quality, reasonably priced sharpeners like the best Wusthof knife sharpeners.

Why Choose it? - Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Review

The Wusthof sharpener is a state-of-the-art masterpiece of German artisanship and the company is well known in kitchen professionals. The Wusthof was founded over 200 years ago so they know all about the knife business. 

Their knife sharpeners are suitable for not only professionals but also for amateur kitchens. Therefore, anyone can use them without any hesitation as the decade’s experience of the knife business is translated inefficiency of these sharpeners. 

Most knife lovers never compromise the quality of the knife they are buying so the selection of sharpeners should be equally important. The knife sharpeners not only make cutting and slicing food easy but also enhance the life of the knife. And, You can see in detail Best Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews and choose the most competent one.  

Keeping in view the variety of knife sharpeners offered by Wusthof you should first understand the types of edges knives can have so that the selection of sharpener becomes easy for you. The different types of edges areas listed below in detail:

  1. Hollow Ground
  2. Flat Ground
  3. Sabre Ground
  4. Chisel Ground
  5. Double Bevel/Compound Ground
  6. Convex Ground

wusthof electric knife sharpener reviews

The hollow ground edge has had more metal taken away from it than the other types, which if the steel it’s made from is inferior will result in a blade that needs sharpening more often. However, because of the finer edge, it is much sharper than other edge types.

Wusthof Diamond Knife Sharpener Review

Model – Precision Edge Diamond Electric Knife Sharpener

wusthof knife sharpener reviews

One of the best professional Wusthof sharpeners is Wusthof Diamond Knife Sharpener. This sharpener comes with two settings; one is used for coarse grinding when you have damaged knives and the other is used for fine honing and restoring factory sharpness. It is the most expensive model in the Wusthof sharpener range.

Coarse and Fine Grinding Slots

If you’re getting a little behind in your knife sharpening regime, this machine will blast through your backlog saving you loads of time while sharpening your blades to a factory finish.

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With coarse and fine grinding slots, unless your knife is chipped or damaged in some way, all that is usually required is two to three pulls through the honing slot to achieve a factory edge. Otherwise, just run it a couple of times through the coarser slot to recondition the edge before honing it.

Hollow Ground Edge - Best Wusthof Knife Sharpener

This sharpener produces a hollow ground edge not simply a straight edge. This type of edge is sharper than normal. As mentioned above it comes with two slots for coarse and finer actions. Both use diamond wheels. The coarse wheels sharpen the blade while the finer wheels hone it.

Both wheels will remove material to a larger or lesser extent from the knife. These filings have to go somewhere and this is taken care of in the Wusthof by the use of a magnetic tray. A very nice well thought out touch.

Compact Space

For a solid feel on the worktop, it incorporates rubber feet. To be honest you can’t afford to have this machine traveling around when using it so these were a must-have item. This model is a reasonably compact size and will not take up much room on any work surface.

Features - Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Review

  • Interlocking Diamond wheels sharpen both sides of the knife at once
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Two stages for coarse and fine grinding
  • Nonslip rubber feet for safety
  • Magnetic Clean Out Slot under the machine for easy cleaning
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 5 inches.
  • 6.6 pounds
  • Housing part completely in stylish stainless steel
  • Two different stages: The coarse setting and the fine setting
  • Designed in such a way that it is very easy to clean and maintain
  • High-quality interlocking diamond abrasive wheels produced in the United States
  • Three years warranty

You can even use this knife sharpener for your hunting knives.

We recommend checking out the CRKT minimalist Bowie Hunting knife for the next expedition. 

Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Review

Model – 3 stage PeTec Sharpener

wusthof electric knife sharpener reviews

Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener is best known as 3 stage sharpening system that provides RAZOR sharp edge to your knives. It has 3 separate rotating diamond wheels. The two slots are specifically meant for coarse sharpening whereas the third slot is dedicated to polishing the knives.

Fine Slot in Best Wusthof Knife Sharpener

The best feature of Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener is that its third fine strop comes with a built-in wheel dresser which is helpful to clean accumulated dirt & grease. Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener grabs my five stars rating because it is quite easy to use & simple to carry.

As I have said earlier, it has 3 separate rotating diamond wheels in a spring loaded guide to help regulate pressure and to prevent scratching. You will have a great experience, if you are using this sharpener to sharpen your knives.

Customizable Angle of Sharpening

You can set angle of sharpening according to your requirements. For kitchen knives, set angle of sharpening at 14 degrees whereas Japanese & Asian Knives needs 20 degrees sharpening angle. The only thing that can be said as a drawback is its 3 rubber feet. It is a bit difficult to place this sharpener on the kitchen countertop. You can manage this flaw by placing a towel under the other corner to keep it from trembling during use. We tried to cover as much detail in Wusthof Electric Knife sharpener Reviews as possible. Hope You like it!

Features - Wusthof Sharpener Review

  • Stainless steel black housing
  • The 3-stage electric knife sharpener is efficiently designed to sharpen, hone and polish all types of edges
  • Stage 1 slot is an abrasive diamond wheel, which can be used to sharpen dull knives giving a new life t your knife blade
  • Stage 2 slot is a diamond wheel with a finer grit to refine the edge and hones
  • Stage 3 is a composed of a flexible advanced stropping material that can be used to polish the knife blade giving it a razor-sharp edge; impeccable for honing serrated blades.

Wusthof Ikon Reviews - Best Wusthof Sharpener

Model – IKON Sharpener

wusthof sharpener review

The Wusthof Ikon Knife sharpener is another 2 stage knife sharpener. The preset sharpening stones ensure the correct sharpening angle every time you use it. If only all knife sharpeners were made this way life would be so much easier.

Difference between Ikon and Other Models

The difference between this model and those already reviewed is the solid aluminum cast body which ensures robustness, the handle which matches the Ikon knife set manufactured by Wusthof, and the extension on the handle which supports the sharpener when in use making it more stable.

A rubber base also adds to the feeling of stability when using this sharpener. This Wusthof sharpener can cope with straight blades, serrated or wavy blades with equal aplomb. So there’s no need for many tools to do one job.

Sharpening Slots of Best Wusthof Knife Sharpener

It comes with one diamond sharpening slot and one ceramic honing slot. The ceramic honer can be used to deburr any serrated knives you have. The triangular-shaped stones within the housing are ideal for sharpening all kinds of blades. There is also a scissors or kitchen shears slot in the middle of the sharpener which can be used with either left and or right-hand scissors.

Wusthof has patented the floating-style ceramic rod which acts as the scissors sharpener so it can accommodate many more types of scissor shapes than other knife sharpeners.

Lifetime Warranty

To care for this sharpener simply wipe with a damp cloth and then dry. The Ikon sharpener comes with a Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. So if it goes wrong ten years down the line simply return it to Wusthof.


To use, pull the blade through the diamond sharpener first then onto the honer which will really make that edge bite.Never push the blade through the slots always pull. A couple of draws through each slot will usually be adequate to put a fantastic edge on your blades.

Size of Wusthof Sharpener

At 8 inches by 2 inches by 3.5 inches it’s not the smallest sharpener Wusthof makes but it’s not overly bulky either. All in all one of the best sharpeners made by Wusthof. There are a number of Wusthof 2 Stage Knife Sharpeners on the market. In this post, we’ll take a look at two of them. The first we will look at is the 2 stages manual pull-through sharpener.

Features - Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Review

  • Two-Stage Sharpening System
  • Fine Ceramic Plates for Fine Honing and Razor-Sharp Finish
  • Tungsten Carbide Blades for Rough Sharpening
  • Rubberized Handle and Body – fits comfortably into your hand and provides a firm grip

A most important use of Wusthof Knife sharpener is found for Fillet knives. These knives are used for filleting large amounts of meat and require sharp edges. 

We enlisted the top 10 fillet knife for fish filleting.

Why You Should Use Electric Knife Sharpener

Directions to Use Wusthof Electric Sharpener

Being a professional chef, I know the significance of a sharp-edged knife. There is no doubt that you need to reshape the blade of professional cutlery every six months.

In this case, you need an aggressive sharpening method and I think an electric knife sharpener is the ideal option available with us.

Every electric knife sharpener has two or three in-built guides; each with different abrasives. You can identify the location of each abrasive in the user manual guide that comes along with an electric knife sharpener.

Wusthof knife sharpener reviews will help you to make understand what things you should consider while sharpening a knife blade. Start with the first abrasive stage (the rough stone) and move to the polishing stage. You can follow the basic steps to use electric knife sharpener smartly:

  1. Place the knife in the first slot – Here first refer to the ‘coarse stone’; press the heel of the knife as down as possible to fit in the angle guide. Make sure you start with the heel and then pull through to the tip.
  2. Hold firmly- Built-in elastomeric springs hold the blade precisely and when you pull the knife through, it will angle up because the stone contacts the blade.
  3. Create two passes on each side – This process will help you to reshape the knife blade.
  4. Iterate the process – You need to iterate the process on the different stages. Once you done, move to the polishing stage & draw the knife across the guide twice on each side.
  5. Rinse the knife – Usually electric knife sharpeners make use of magnets in order to collect flakes. Thus, it is better to rinse the knife in a sink & dry it with a cloth.

Warning: Never operate an electric knife sharpener from the backside.


Not a Fan of Words, Watch a video to see directions to use Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener. 

Wusthof Ikon Reviews - Best Wusthof Sharpener

With an electric knife sharpener, you can save your valuable time and at the same time sharpen your dull or blunt knives like a pro. Its polishing slot makes it a smart choice among users. Here is the list of some of the advantages of an electric knife sharpener, which make it stand out from other knife sharpeners available out there:

Save Precious Time

With an electric knife sharpener, you can give a sharp edge to the knives in 5- 10 minutes.  You can read detailed reviews of the top 10 electric Knife sharpener reviews here and decide which one is the best for you. On the other hand, if sharpening stones are your choice for knife sharpening then you need to spend at least half-an-hour or two to get an extremely sharp-edged knife.

More Practical Option

As we all know that using sharpening stones can be quite time-consuming option; what would be the other option? Well, you can send your knives out to be sharpened by a professional. Again, this method has two major disadvantages – need to spend more money & time.

Most professionals charge approximately $7 to $12 per knife. Suppose you need to sharpen 4 to 8 knives, you can easily calculate how much it would cost to you (approximately $30 to $100). That is why; I am in the favor of using electric knife sharpeners as they are really affordable.

Easy To Use

Almost all electric knife sharpeners have built-in elastomeric springs which can precisely hold the knife blade securely. Even a novice can use electric knife sharpeners because you do not need to set the angle guides.

ease of use

No need to use any lubricant

With sharpening stones, you need to use honing oil or water. But in electric knife sharpener, you do not need to use any such thing.

One of the best parts of electric knife sharpeners is that it removes little microscopic amounts of metal while sharpening a knife.

Electric knife sharpeners have diamond abrasives which will never detemper and last for a long time.

You can read my detailed knife sharpener reviews to find the best one. Knife sharpening can become a piece of cake with electric knife sharpeners.

If you have heard, Smith’s Electric Knife Sharpener’s are pretty good, than you heard it right.

Check best Smith Knife sharpener Models and choose best possible option. 

Conclusion on Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener Review

This is one of the most popular sharpeners on Considering that (at the time of writing this review) there were 185 reviews and that the vast majority of those gave this sharpener a 5-star rating speaks a lot about this unit. Check out the reviews for yourself here.

One customer reported that it took him five swipes for each side to put a convex edge on a blade and a couple of swipes on with a fine blade to make it sharp. He also added that it took him around 35 seconds to change the belt. He also said that, for optimal results, you should pull the blade through the guide a couple of times with the motor turned off, to practice.

Another happy customer said that this particular sharpener has an advantage over other hard sharpeners and sharpening stones in that the belt flexes and allows it to adjust itself to the contours of the blade and prevents grinding off to much metal.

Even chefs find this unit amazing. One ex-chef said that it took him a lot of time to master the sharpening stones because no other sharpener could match the results they provided. Until Work Sharp, that is. He was skeptical at first and used it on a beat-up old knife and restored it to its previous glory in a couple of minutes.

wusthof knife sharpener reviews

Diamond Edge

All-time Favourite Wusthof Electric Sharpener – Tested and Love it!

wusthof sharpener review

Wusthof Ikon

One of the most popular Wusthof Electric Sharpener.

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