10 Best Electric Fillet Knife for Fish cutting Reviews and Detailed Buyer Guide

Best Electric Fillet knife is need of every kitchen chef or fisherman because of quick and thorough filleting. Proper filleting and packing take time; however, we can reduce the time for filleting using high quality best fish filleting knives. 

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American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

Our Best Pick

American Angler Pro

Well! If you are thinking about the best electric fillet knife, and the budget is nowhere in your thoughts, Buy American Angler Electric Knife. 

Best Budgeted one

Mister Twister 120V

If you are looking for an ideal electric knife on a low budget, buy Mister Twister 120V electric fish fillet knife. 

While comparing electric knives with traditional fillet knives, you will see an immense difference. There will be no strain on your wrists and you will be able to complete the filleting process within minutes and, also, in a clean manner. Traditional fillet knives are cheaper and, if you are on a budget and have minimal use, you can opt for a traditional fillet knife.

For traditional fillet knives, you can read our guide on the Best fillet knives and explore those options. 

If you are going with the best electric fillet knife for cutting saltwater fish or any other fish by that matter, continue reading this and explore our complete review on the 10 best electric fillet knife available on Amazon. 

10 Best Electric Fillet Knife Reviews

American Angler PRO Electric Fillet KnifeAmerican Angler Pro

  • Length: 8"
  • Material:
    Titanium Coated Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Corded

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Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip HandleBubba Li-Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

  • Length: 7-9"
  • Material:Titanium Coated Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature:Cordless

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Rapala Heavy Duty Fillet Knife

  • Length: 7.5"
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature:Corded

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Mister Twister 120V (Green/Yellow)

  • Length: 7"
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Corded

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Rapala Deluxe

  • Length: 7.5"
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Corded

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Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

  • Length: 7"
  • Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Corded

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Cuisinart CEK-30

  • Length: 8"
  • Material: Sharp Razor Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Corded

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Hamilton Beach 74250R

  • Length: 7"
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Main Feature: Corded

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Black & Decker EK 700

  • Length: 7"
  • Material: Stainless Steel Blade
  • Main Feature: Corded

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Mr. Twister Gent Electric Filleting Knife

  • Length: 8"
  • Material: HC Steel
  • Main Feature: Battery operated

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Lets start reviews on Best Electric Fillet knife…

1. American Angler Pro - Best Electric Fillet Knife

American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

People interested in durable and tough blades for their kitchen should definitely persue American Angler Pro as best electric fillet knife. This knife is clearly a winner with titanium coated stainless steel blade, and powerful motor. Titanium coating and presence of flex will keep blades stainless and prevent dullness


Following are features, this wonderful knife will offer;

  • When you purchase this electric knife, you will find five set of stainless blades made of steel, and skin protection neoprene. It will also contain stainless steel fillet glove.
  • Gloves are easy to wear both in right and left hands.
  • With fillet gloves, gripping knife is easier. These gloves are easy to wash. Gloves, also, contain amazing airflow design letting continuous cooling.
  • With special motor, filleting meal is twice easier. This continuous filleting for hours will not heat up knife motor due to convenient air flow.
  • The blade is easily replaceable, thereby increasing life of this knife.



2. Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle

Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle

The Bubba Li-Ion knife is ideal choice for filleting your fresh catch. It is suitable for all kinds of fish from catfish to pike. With features like cordless, filleting can be carried out with ease.


  • Overall, package consists of 2 lithium ion batteries, 4 interchangeable stainless-steel blades, charger, and EVA case for handling and transport.
  • There are two lithium ion batteries along with this model which will keep your knife for longest time.
  • These batteries also come with LED indicator which will easy the process of charging.
  • The stainless-steel blades of this electric fish fillet knife comes with titanium coating which further enhances corrosion resistance and, also, increase its cutting power.
  • There are 4 interchangeable stainless-steel blades comprising of 7 and 9 inches E-flex and 9 and 12 inches E-stiff.
  • The blade has dual river design facilitating the cutting as this design made blade strong and sturdy.



3. Rapala Heavy Duty Fillet Knife - Best Fish Filleting Knife

I Believe Rapala Heavy Duty is the best electric fillet knife due to overall excellence in performance and efficiency. As the name suggests, this knife is heavy-duty with quite a motor suitable for avid anglers. You can simply use it for as long as you need with 8 feet long cord with no overheating and no distortion of the blade.


  • This knife is twice the fast and three times more powerful as compared to another electric knife. With faster and powerful filleting ability, vibration is rather low due to impressive airflow design.
  • Ergonomics made this knife comfortable and easy to grip. Filleting becomes easier and you hardly have to use any human effort.
  • With 8 feet cord, you can easily cover maximum areas of the kitchen and can use it in any was as you see fit.
  • One important feature of this knife is the safety button present making this knife accident free for the day to day use.
  • When you are filleting longer and sturdier fish, you need filleting power for hours, and this knife can exactly provide you that.
  • Proper airflow makes the motor run smooth and allows us to use it for hours.



4. Mister Twister 120V (Green/Yellow) - Best Budgeted Electric Fillet Knife

If you are on a budget and looking for the best electric fish fillet knife then you should read this short review on Mister twister knife. It’s an excellent choice because of the simple design and extendable cord which I believe is an excellent feature.
There is a safety lock which makes filleting accident free. The powerful motor is suitable for cutting big fishes with ease no matter it is turkey or ham, this model can assists you in all kinds of filleting.


  • Easy to release, safety lock, 7.5 inches blade enable this knife to cut any type or size of fish.
  • If you are a beginner and went fishing, and now you need to experience filleting, clearly this knife is for you. Because of the lower price and excellent features, it is highly recommended for beginners.
  • The 120V battery makes this knife suitable for long term use. You can cut big fishes with ease however it’s better to use a more heavy-duty knife for that purpose like the one mentioned above.



5. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife - One of Best Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Best knife money can buy. This can be proved by several reviews this knife has. It is considered an excellent choice due to its durability and long-lasting motor. With an ingenuine flow design, filleting with this knife is fast and effortless.


  • This Rapala Fillet knife comes with a range of adapters giving it convenience to attach to any boat, ship, or kitchen plug. With a corded knife, it is difficult to carry out cutting outside. However, with that many adapters, you can easily find a good place to attach your deluxe knife and perform your cutting.
  • Care is made of light and durable plastic and this gives ease in handling while you travel.
  • This knife has the longest power cord in comparison to all other electric fillet knives i.e.18 feet. With that much extension, comfort and flexibility are easier to achieve.
  • Within the Deluxe package, you will be given two interchangeable stainless blades with length 6 inches and 7.5 inches. If you want to perform filleting right after fishing, an extended cord and long blade will never disappoint you.
  • Average blade knife for most of the cleaning requires it to be 7.5 inches and with that in mind deluxe offered 7.5 serrated stainless steel blade giving easier, longer and deeper cut.



6. Berkley Best Electric Fillet Knife


The story about this knife started in 1937 when a teenage boy gets the idea of using feathers from chicken and dog for making fishing flies. This knife is custom-designed for a fish lover, comes in variable sizes including a 6 and 8-inch blade.

Its heavy-duty motor gives maximum efficiency. The release button is on the side, making it vulnerable to injury. Due to comfortable gripping one wouldn’t get tired of using it for hours.



7. Cuisinart CEK-30 Electric Fillet Knife

Well, if you are new to the kitchen and happen to buy best electric fillet knife then this is the best possible option for you.


It can help you prepare your meal by slicing the primary ingredients meat and veggies. The most important part is that it is cheap, effective, and commonly used by customers all around the world. Its cutting blade is saw-edged which ensures ideal cutting.



8. Hamilton Beach 74250R - Best Electric Fillet Knife

This fillet knife is very comfortable for the fisherman due to its safe carrying case. It comes with a 7-inch zigzag blade and well suitable for tough fish. The power cord is 6-foot-long with a stainless-steel blade. The additional carving fork allows you to cut your filets best.




9. Black & Decker EK 700 - One of Best Electric Fillet Knife

The EK700 is best suited for home purposes. The 9-inch blade is best for filleting the larger fish with ease while the smaller cord size makes it easy to use at home. The presence of two important components including comfort grip and cord helps you to slice up the fish for hours. The rubbery material on the sidebar makes it easy to hold and slice the fillets with full comfort.



10. Mr. Twister Gent Electric Filleting Knife

This fillet knife has a powerful motor with a comfortable handling grip. The motor covering can withstand high impact loads ensuring its protection. The heavy-duty motor of 110V provides the most enhanced cutting cycles during slicing and filleting. It has a stainless-steel blade with utmost flexibility.



What is the filleting knife used for?

Well, filleting is the process of removing and slicing the skin. If you are fishing, then before cooking or frying it, you need to fillet it. I would rather be involved in fishing and spend my time catching a big one instead of just using normal chef and taking hours in filleting one single fish.

Here comes technology saving an enormous amount of time for humans. No need to cut the fish manually now as the above electric fillet knives can do your hard work and save you a lot of time for more fishing. 

With an Electric fish fillet knife, you need to apply force. The motor attached to a knife will do the hard work, you just need to give this knife a direction. There are some heavy-duty knives with the power of humans which can cut even bones of turkey like Rapala heavy duty knife.

With a fillet knife, separating fish from bones is easier and above electric fillet knives can even smoother this skinning process to perfection.

How you can choose the best electric fillet knife? Buyer's Guide

One thing that I would like to make clear here is that No electric fillet knife is perfect. Each knife got its flaws. Fillet knife is function-specific and you can not use them in your day to day routine as common chef’s knife. This should clear your mind that we are getting these knives for mainly filleting purposes here.

Always try to spend money and your thoughts on what you are going to buy. With premium-quality, you can use them in all kinds of situations and you don’t need to take extra care, however, saving few bucks may get a little burden off your thought while you use them in a practical situation. That’s why I always recommend you to buy a premium quality knife.

The most important thing in the knife is blade size and material. Fancy handles are good but the blade is one you need for cutting and you should never compromise on that.

Here are a few important points you should keep in mind!


Yes! We are talking about the electric knife and what drives them is the motor inside. So, the first and foremost thing is the quality of motor and air flow design. 

With high quality and efficient motor, you will enjoy vibration-less filleting without any chance of overheating. 

If you are going to fillet for a longer period or going to slice bigger fish, you should choose an electric knife with a more powerful motor. For smaller fish, lower power can do the trick. 

In all the above knives, motor power is high and you can use almost all of them for bigger fish, however, the top 3 are the best electric fillet knife among all of them. 

Learn in Video below! how to sharpen Electric Fillet Knife for cutting salt water fish and all other meat variants…

Size & Material of the blade

As we discussed above, the blade is the one that will perform the cutting. It is very important to select a knife suitable for cutting bigger and studier fish while keeping the cut clean.

Inexperience, up to medium range fishes, 7-9 inches blade will work best and can ease the process of filleting.

Mostly fillet knives are serrated and made of stainless steel. Some are even curved. So, they are ideal for all ranges of fishes. 

There are models coated with titanium giving extra corrosion resistance and extra strength. I highly recommend those knives, as they can be used for a longer period and you can certainly fulfill value for money there. 

Other features we discussed are attachments. You can easily replace blades and keep using the handle and motor for filleting. This will lower the price of replacement.

The Handle

The handle is, also, a very important aspect of an electric fillet knife. The perfect handle will be comfy, non-slipper, and ergonomic. This helps in proper control of the knife during skinning fish.

The handle should not make you feel any discomfort, weak or stressed in your hand ever after you use it for hours.

If you like fishing and will spend more time with fish cutting and eating then you should consider buying lighter handles which are made of rubber or plastic. While you are deciding on a handle, you should try to purchase an electric knife which is suitable, both, for the lefty as well as a righty.

Our recommendation is to choose Plastic or Rubber-based lighter handles which are non-slippery.

Parts of typical fillet knife can be seen below;

construction of fillet knife


It depends upon your likeness whether you want a corded or cordless knife. A Cordless knife should have a rechargeable battery and it will be replaced after some time, however, corded ones can be used for a longer time without any said maintenance. 

If you are going for corded ones, try to buy those knives which can offer extendable and longer cords with fillet knives. 

If cordless is what attracts you then try to look for knives that can offer you a rechargeable battery with a spare. So, you can use it for a longer period. 

Cordless is more flexible and you can use them anywhere you like from forests to lakes. Corded ones are limited in use due to the restriction of the power supply.

Safety Features

Safety is also important as you are working with electricity. There are a lot of models that offer certification of safety. 

We also shared knives which have safety features like a safety lock which will prevent any injury during an accident. These locks will jam the blade when it’s not being used. 

Since you’re working with electricity, safety is a pivotal feature to take into account.


While you use electric knives, it’s better to have carrying bags. These knives contain interchangeable blades, cords, and handle, then you should have packing bags. 

We presented above lots of models and all of them comes in beautiful packaging. 

It’s always good having some additional things when buying a fillet knife, for example, carry bags for proper storage and transport.

Benefits of Electric Fillet knife

If you are a skilled fisherman or love to cook fish then you need the best electric fillet knife for filleting fish or meat. Electric knives are one of the latest kitchen gadgets use to cut, a slice of fillet variants of meat. 

If you are still thinking about choosing between an electric fillet knife and a conventional fillet knife, you can read the article, “Regular knife Vs Electric Fillet knife”.

Following are benefits which surpasses the conventional filleting gadgets beautifully and elegantly;

1 - Diminishing the use of Extra Strength

With the best electric fillet knife, you do not require any extra strength while performing any kind of cutting. Having an electric motor, and strong and durable blades, you will not only perform stress-free filleting but also saves lots of time. 

best electric fillet knife and their benefits (1)

2 - No Efforts for Filleting

Electric knives can be used for a longer duration without being overheating due to the beautiful air flow design of electric motors. With that being said, if you require cutting large quantities of fish and need to perform filleting, then you do not need to worry. These knives will stick with you as long as you require filleting.

3 - Better safety and Higher accuracy

With blade and cutting, safety is the most concerning factor. With a motor attached, the chances of an accident are higher as it will be stopped only by pushing a button. Electric knives come with safety pins and only by removing those safety pins, you can use an electric fillet knife. Accidents can be prevented if a safety lock is present and only removed when an adult requires cutting or filleting.

With an electric motor, you do not need to use your strength and that’s why your only role during filleting is giving direction to the knife. Cutting will be carried out with the use of an external electric motor. This use of an external motor can help you accurately cut fish in the right direction.

You can read more about the benefits of fillet knives in our article, “Electric Fillet knife Pros & Cons.

Final Verdict on Best Electric Fillet Knife

One thing that I like to comment on last is that buying an electric fillet knife is the best long-term investment you will make. You can buy any electric knife whether it is corded or cordless. Both can be used flexibly and can give a great filleting experience.

The best thing about the electric fishing knife is the accuracy, and safety of the knife and lower stress and effort while filleting. This will help you focus more on catching fishes, and cooking in your kitchen rather than slicing and cutting.

So, with this final comment, I am finishing this fine guide. Its been a great experience writing this article and bringing value to the audience of mikitchen. I tried to keep the article as concise as possible.
You can again see our best recommendation below!

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